About Us

Simon Kershaw and Associates Limited was incorporated in December 2002. It was set up by Simon Kershaw, an Independent Financial Adviser from the area. He had worked at other financial advice firms previously and had wanted to start his own company. He began with a few workers and slowly started to build up his customer base. Over the years advisers came and went and clients joined the customer base.

In October 2014, Simon died of cancer and the business was handed over to Christine Kershaw, his wife. Since then, Christine has been moving the business into the 21st century by getting a new team of advisers and offering advice on different products. The team of advisers are Dean Ward, Emma Hughes, and Lewis Jones.

Christine has brought the business up to date by developing a website, using an online database and having a more welcoming office. The business has now really begun to prosper and is constantly gaining new customers. Christine helps to do the paperwork for all of the advisers and works the databases as well as answering the phones. The business has grown from only having the front office of the building to owning two extra offices in the building and a kitchen in the back.