Financial Planning


As a starting point, do you have an ISA? Most people think of an ISA as a tax free investment with either a Building Society or Bank with money invested in cash account. As a result of this you will be lucky to achieve an interest rate or growth of more than 1% pa, probably less, stating the obvious, is this a worthwhile investment? So what is the alternative?

ISA’s can also be invested in stocks and shares. Most people are concerned in possible levels of risk with these. There are numerous products which not only offer higher potential returns but with a degree of risk associated with these investments. There are also accounts which offer higher returns than cash ISA’s but with a higher degree of guarantee of the returns which can be achieved. Therefore, if you have a sum of money sitting in a cash ISA earning little or no growth why not make use of the opportunity for a “free consultation” with one of our advisors.

The ISA’s we offer allow immediate penalty free access to the funds at any time.