Business Financial Planning

Business Protection

Business protection is designed to help your business should a director, partner or key employee die or suffer a serious illness.

Providing financial support at a time when it is vital to recover quickly and minimise the impact on profits is crucial for business continuity. At Simon Kershaw & Associates Limited we can provide you with expert advice on the full range of business protection options that could protect you and your business should the worst happen.

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Key Man/ Shareholder/Partnership Protection

Keyman Insurance compensates a business for the financial loss brought about by death or critical illness of a key employee, such as a company director. It provides a valuable cash injection to the business to aid a potential loss of turnover and to provide funds to replace the key person.

Shareholder or Partnership Protection provides an agreement between shareholding directors or partners in a business, supported by life assurance. It ensures that the control of the business is retained by the remaining partners or directors, but the value of the deceased’s interest in the business is passed to their chosen beneficiaries in the most tax efficient manner possible.

At Simon Kershaw & Associates Limited we can help you to determine the level of cover you need, any necessary Trust arrangements and can provide sample agreements for you to use.

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Tax Planning

The complex nature of Tax and Inheritance Tax planning should not be underestimated and the expert advisors at Simon Kershaw & Associates Limited are here to help.

We provide genuine tax advice to private individuals, investors and trustees as well as limited companies, partnerships and sole traders.

We offer a complimentary service to your accountant and, by working closely with them, our goal is to reduce your tax liabilities to a minimum.

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Employee Benefits

Most employers these days realise and understand the need to support their employees by providing a range of company benefits that provides them and their families with a sense of financial security.

Visible, valuable employee benefits also helps attract and retain talent for your business. To achieve a return on your investment in pensions and benefits, you need to be sure your employees understand the true value to them. At Simon Kershaw & Associates Limited we can help you achieve that.

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Workplace Pensions

In October 2012 the government introduced a requirement for all employers to automatically enrol their workers into a qualifying workplace pension scheme.

The first staging date was for employers with more than 120,000 workers and employers with over 10,000 workers had to enrol their employees by March 2013. Employers who have less than 10,000 but more than 50 have various staging dates between April 2013 and April 2015 and all existing employers no matter how small will have to enrolled their workers by April 2017 or April 2018 for new employers set up after the relevant staging date.

At Simon Kershaw & Associates Limited we can guide you through how to get up to date with legislation and keep on track for the future.

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Directors Pensions

Pensions remain one of the most tax-efficient ways for business owners and company directors to accumulate wealth for retirement.

At Simon Kershaw & Associates Limited we are here to offer our experience and our advice in guiding you through the best pension schemes. After all a pension is a way of extracting business profits tax-efficiently for the benefit of a director or business owner. You will receive tax relief at your highest rate on any personal contributions and your company contributions do not attract income tax or national insurance, unlike other benefits.

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Organising a Will can take less time than you think and give you the reassurance that your assets will be dealt with correctly if you die. Our specialists can help you set this up in just two sessions, so that your family are not faced with the very drawn out, complex process of Probate, if you don’t have a Will in place.

Our service offers all types of Wills from the basic type that everyone should have at the very least, to the more sophisticated trust-based arrangements, which can form a crucial part of your Inheritance Tax Planning.

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Trusts help to ring-fence your assets to ensure they will be safe. You can have full use of your assets during your lifetime with a Trust and will be free to move, downsize and spend the savings you have protected. You will also be able to receive income from your savings.

After you’ve gone, Trusts not only help to cut down time waiting for Probate, but they also usually exempt from Inheritance Tax and give you the reassurance that your assets are given to those whom you choose and are not defaulted to those you don’t.

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