Personal Financial Planning

Investment Advice and Wealth Management

At Simon Kershaw & Associates Limited, we believe that the most effective approach to investment begins with defining your objectives. For example whether income or capital growth or both is required.
We will look at time scales and quantify the amount of risk you’re willing to take. Our methods also look at the taxation consequences of various investments and the most tax efficient structure for your particular circumstances. Once we are satisfied that we have a total understanding of all of these factors, we can start to select suitable products and investments.

Typically, there are five asset classes within our portfolios:

  1. Fixed Interest
  2. UK Equity
  3. International Equity
  4. Hedge funds & Alternatives
  5. Property

Our IFAs’ recognise that no single investment house can be pre-eminent in every area of investment all of the time. By investing in a portfolio of funds, we can give clients efficient access to these vehicles, combining attractive performance opportunities with strong risk disciplines.

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Life Insurance, Critical Illness and Permanent Health Insurance

Life insurance, critical illness cover and permanent health insurance must now seriously be considered by everyone.

At Simon Kershaw & Associates Limited, we can help you to explore the long term financial impact that such events could have on your current and future situations and ensure that an affordable level of financial protection is in place.

Our expert advisers will help you assess your current circumstances, protection needs and budget in order to provide tailored protection solutions using a wide range of insurance products.

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Financial Planning

Whether you have near-term goals like buying a holiday home or educating your children; or you want to put in place longer term plans for your retirement. Whatever your aspirations for life, financial planning is the first step to achieving them and Simon Kershaw & Associates Limited is here to help.

By spending time discussing your aspirations with you and conducting a detailed analysis of your financial resources, aims and objectives, our financial plans help achieve clarity, order and a clear strategy to be able to continuously progress and track your achievements.

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Retirement Planning

Planning ahead to ensure a secure comfortable retirement is more important now than it has ever been. The length of retirement has not only become longer, but State Pensions now only provide you with the very basic financial security.

At Simon Kershaw & Associates Limited, we start by looking at the whole picture and will guide you step by step:

  • What pensions you have
  • What those pension funds are worth
  • Where the funds are invested (and how the investments are performing)
  • Then we can clearly tell you if you have adequately provided for your retirement.

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Care Planning

No-one knows what will happen in the future and whether you will eventually need care. It is a reality many ignore. However, planning ahead can ensure you make decisions that have the most positive outcomes for you and your family.

Elderly care costs in England are not covered by the State in the way that health costs are. In fact, anybody with assets worth £23,250 or more – including the value of their home – is required to pay for all of their care. This means that without the right planning, people might have to use most of their savings and other assets to cover their care and this can even mean having to sell their home.

Planning ahead is vital. Contact our team at Simon Kershaw & Associates Limited today on 0151 625 4448 or email: info@simonkershaw.com to talk about Care Planning.

Tax Planning

The complex nature of Tax and Inheritance Tax planning should not be underestimated and the expert advisers at Simon Kershaw & Associates Limited are here to help.

We provide genuine tax advice to private individuals, investors and trustees as well as limited companies, partnerships and sole traders.

We offer a complimentary services to your accountant and by working closely with them, our goal is to reduce your tax liabilities to a minimum.

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Trusts help to ring-fence your assets to ensure they will be safe. You can have full use of your assets during your lifetime with a Trust and will be free to move, downsize and spend the savings you have protected. You will also be able to receive income from your savings.

After you’ve gone, Trusts not only help to cut down time waiting for Probate, but they also usually exempt from Inheritance Tax and give you the reassurance that your assets are given to those whom you choose and are not defaulted to those you don’t.

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