Most people think Pensions are complicated and expensive therefore ultimately not worthwhile. If you have either one pension or a number of them and feel that the previous sentence is in line with your thinking why not arrange a free no obligation appointment in which we can explain in simple terms what your pensions are about. Charges should be minimal and if not, how we can reduce these for you. We will give an explanation as to why these policies are worthwhile.

A second major issue is so called pensions freedom. If you are approaching 55 or even over, have you accessed your funds? Do you want access to your funds? If so, you probably need help in explaining how this would work and issues such as tax. Once again, if you wish to discuss the implications, any initial consultation is free of charge.

Self Invested Personal Pensions

With the government offering a range of tax incentives and the pension providers offering a plethora of different products and investment funds, pension planning is becoming increasingly complex.

At Simon Kershaw & Associates Limited we can review your existing arrangements (i.e.multiple pensions schemes), suggest improvements and guide you through the personal pension-planning maze to ensure your future needs are met.

To talk through your objectives and to find out the real pictures of what you are worth, how they are performing, the charges being levied and what level of retirement income you’re are likely to provide call us today on 0151 625 4448 or email info@simonkershaw.com.

Workplace Pensions

In October 2012 the government introduced a requirement for all employers to automatically enrol their workers into a qualifying workplace pension scheme.

The first staging date was for employers with more than 120,000 workers and employers with over 10,000 workers had to enrol their employees by March 2013. Employers who have less than 10,000 but more than 50 have various staging dates between April 2013 and April 2015 and all existing employers no matter how small will have to enrolled their workers by April 2017 or April 2018 for new employers set up after the relevant staging date.

At Simon Kershaw & Associates Limited we can guide you through how to get up to date with legislation and keep on track for the future.

Call one of our expert advisers on 0151 625 4448 or email: info@simonkershaw.com.

Directors Pensions

Pensions remain one of the most tax-efficient ways for business owners and company directors to accumulate wealth for retirement.

At Simon Kershaw & Associates Limited we are here to offer our experience and our advice in guiding you through the best pension schemes. After all a pension is a way of extracting business profits tax-efficiently for the benefit of a director or business owner.
You will receive tax relief at your highest rate on any personal contributions and your company contributions do not attract income tax or national insurance, unlike other benefits.

To book a one-to-one consultation with our expert IFAs’ contact us on 0151 625 4448 or email info@simonkershaw.com.